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Deleting a saved credit card?!

How do you delete a saved credit card, i have many that are expired, I'm trying to sell tickets and its defaulting to put the proceeds from my ticket sale on my old credit card that is expired, why is this so complicated?

You go into the help system and search for "delete credit card" and nothing comes up, there is no way to contact anyone at StubHub other than a community forum, always thought this was a great service but now that i have an issue I'm going to rethink ever using this again.

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Re: Deleting a saved credit card?!

Hi Tommy


Currently Stubhub only allows you to edit credit information.  If you would like to have a card removed you can reach out to one of the moderators by DM and they can assist you - AllyD, NikkiM, KattW, Paul or CameronJ.