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Extending expiration of refunded ticket credit

I had a credit for the 2020 Lakers-Clippers game that was initially postponed due to Kobe Bryant's tragic death, and then was later cancelled due to COVID-19.  The telephone customer service rep offered me a 140% credit in lieu of a cash refund and an extension of the expiration date for the credit until 12/31/2022.  I was told then that StubHub's systems were not set up to extend the credit all the way out to the end of 2022, but I would need to call in later to ask for the deadline extension.  I just bought tickets earlier today and saw that my credit was only 120% of the tickets' original value and the expiration date is in August 2021.  I would like to take the deal that I was originally offered, but I do not want to sit on hold for the three hour wait time that phone-in customer service is warning me to expect.  How can I get the deal I was originally offered over the phone after this postponement-followed-by-cancellation?  Thanks for any help.