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My account was closed without any reason

Last week I wanted to sell an extra ticket I had. I was actually thinking of listing it on Ticketmaster, but a friend suggested sell on StubHub. I listed my ticket and it was sold within a few hours. And as they promised, they deposited the payment to me within 1 week (I received the payout yesterday) Everything is fine so far..


Today, I wanted to look at upcoming concerts on StubHub.. and I enter the website. Then I tried logging in to my account and received error ''your details are incorrect''. I tried reset my password but it didn't work (even though I entered my information correctly) I called them. I waited in line for a long time and tried to reach them by e-mail in the same time. This is what I received from them:




The language they using is very rude. I did not request my account to be closed. I just asked what is the problem with my account. As description;

''We reviewed the documentation you sent in previously again, and have decided to not accept the documents''




No one asked any document from me (I don't know document for what!?). This is my first communication with StubHub. They also saying they have deleted my active listings. (I don't have any active listing, and I only listed one ticket. Already sold and got payout) They must be joking, right? If not, I'm going to sue them for this rude and sarcastic language, and for closing my account unfairly. I hope your lawyers can speak the same language when that day comes.


I do not recommend anyone to use StubHub. I will share the same things on Twitter and Reddit. I signed up here just to say this, and probably this thread will be deleted.


Thanks for taking the time to read.


Stay away from StubHub..



Re: My account was closed without any reason

Stubhub's site has been a bit of a mess since their recent upgrade a few weeks ago, so I suspect (and am hoping) that this email was sent to you by accident.  Hopefully someone from Stubhub will contact you to let you know what is going on.  Good luck.

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