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hi, so I shared my tickets on my stubhub app with my boyfriend at a baseball game once. Now every time I buy tickets on my stubhub he somehow gets an alert even though he’s not logged into my account. Anyone know of anyway I can fix this?
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Re: Sharing

Hi @jujud66,


So sorry to hear about this, I can understand how this is an invasion of your privacy and could potentially spoil a good surprise! This is more than likely associated with a contact entry stored in your account, which you can review by going to "Profile" > "Settings" > "Contact" and then edit the information using the pencil icon to the right. If this does not resolve the concern, I also recommend (if he uses our StubHub app) having him double check the app login by going to the "Profile" button and seeing what email address is reflected at the top. Ultimately, deleting and re-installing the mobile app should correct any notifications it is sending.


Please let us know here or private message me or any Community Moderator if this issue persists, we are here for you and want to ensure it is fixed.