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Very frustrated with exceptionally poor StubHub customer service

Am resorting to the Community as StubHub US Customer Contact Form submission resulted in 'access denied'. Seriously poor customer service from StubHub US and StubHub International.......


On 12/07/22. Online on Stub Hub website, as a 'Guest' ordered 3 tickets for a US NHL game NY Rangers at Madison Square Gardens on 27/12/22 and paid using UK Credit Card.


When ordering the details stated I would receive the tickets "by 24/12/22" (for an event on the evening of 27/12/22).


The Stub Hub website initially rejected my mobile phone format at least twice as it did not seem to recognise my UK number format with or without +44 country code.


I received an email from Stub Hub with confirmation of the order number 502241535.

The confirmation stated the tickets would be available "by 27/12/22", which is the date of the event.

This is different to the date stated when placing the order.

I would not have ordered if the date had been "by 27/12/22" because that is the date that we are flying from UK to USA (during the day) and I would not risk receiving the tickets so late on the date we are travelling.

So the 'product' details at the time of sale were misleading.


This confirmation order email included an Access Code to view the "order details" and, as I had understood it, add it to a Stub Hub account using either the Stub Hub app on my iPhone or Stub Hub account on desktop to then download the tickets for the event.


I downloaded the app onto my UK iPhone and registered an account using my email and a password.


I tried to view my "order details" to check the above dates and link the order to my account but Stub Hub said that my phone number (to verify) format was invalid and not recognised.


I tired several different formats both with and without the 44 (UK) country code but nothing worked.


I have since also tried twice to use the access code on the StubHub desktop site but it is not recognised/invalid.

This means I cannot access the order (the tickets) on their app or website.


I raised a customer query via email with StubHub International on 12/07/22 about not being able to use the access code as my phone number was not recognised and have just received a reply from Stub Hub International that its not their problem and I need to contact US StubHub. I didnt know they were two different platforms, its not obvious when using StubHub for the first time.


I cannot access my order (tickets) and the tickets are now (after ordering) going to be 'available' for a date later than that which were stated when I ordered which I would not have accepted when placing my order.


Unless StubHub US can resolve the access to the tickets and make them available by the originally advertised 24/12/2022 I want a full refund and cancel my order as I have no means to view order, receive tickets or resolve directly with Stub Hub and because the order details at the time of purchase were misleading, with the wrong 'available date for tickets' date being advertised on Stub Hub.


Please can someone from StubHub US Customer Service contact me to resolve. Very frustrated now.



Backup Singer

Re: Very frustrated with exceptionally poor StubHub customer service

Order No 501904492
Total Payout: $179.1
American Bank Transfer: BB and T Corporation *******30
Payment date Mon Jul 25 2022
This is cut from my StubHub account page. Latest bad info. My bank says this payout HAS NOT been made, they and I would both see some action on my account. 
Meghann Shepard 
order 501904492
(804) 939 8592
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