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Are performers under obligation to cancel or reschedule

Are performers/event organizers/venues under any obligation to cancel or reschedule their events if they have been postponed? The event I have tickets for was postponed back in March and so far the performer has not rescheduled any of their tour dates. Do they have a time limit or are they allowed to just leave the event TBA forever and keep the money?

Re: Are performers under obligation to cancel or reschedule

That is a great question. Unfortunately, because we don't work with the promoters or acts directly, we can't be sure how those decisions are made. Also, given that our current event landscape is up in the air, it's likely that they may take a longer time than usual to announce concrete dates. That said, our events team does monitor currently postponed events for updates regularly and once we're able to establish the new dates, we'll reach out to all affected fans as quickly as possible.