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BTS tickets

I know everyone is frustrated as am I with the lack of information about the postponed BTS concert from May 2020. I spent $300 which I could really use to pay bills right now. I see feedback saying to contact Big Hit Entertainment but that is pretty impossible from my research so far. I bought three tickets but my exchange student had to go home to Germany so I have an extra ticket that I can't even sell!!! It would be nice if StubHub would reach out to the BTS group and get us some answers. I would rather get my money back and buy tickets when they can actually start traveling again!!




Re: BTS tickets

I completely agree. I have over $900 on tickets that have been sitting in StubHub's account since last February. Talk about needing some money to help with the bills! This was supposed to be for my daughter's 16th birthday. We never spend money on things like this, and now I remember why.

The fact that StubHub has only replied to any of the comments I've seen, or left, that "we are in limbo" and that we need to reach out to BigHit is ridiculous. They get their cut from ticket sales so they can do the leg work. Also, the tickets were purchased through them, the money for the event that hasn't yet occured, is sitting in their account. They can choose to issue everyone a refund, postponed or cancelled, then relist the tickets when the event is rescheduled. That's what Ticketmaster did for all their concerts. Definitely never using StubHub again after this. Tired of them saying there's nothing they can do until BigHit makes an official decision. They can make their customers happy and refund postponed events as well, or continue to make us all increasingly more frustrated by having us wait "in limbo" while StubHub makes no effort to please their paying customers.

Re: BTS tickets

So sorry for the trouble with that postponement! Rest assured that our events team is monitoring all events and will update them as soon as possible. We're not able to predict those changes and unfortunately those details are simply out of our control. We are working hard to provide updates whenever possible, but we're still waiting for confirmation just as all affected buyers are.