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Baffled at the lack of customer service

I recently purchased tickets to a football game as a guest. However, I never recieved an access code, so I was unable to download the tickets. I called the help center, and after an hour and 45 minutes on hold waiting for someone to speak to, I had to give up because I had to leave for that game, and I ended up buying tickets froma different source. 


I called the customer service phone number again today and, after another hour and a half on hold, finally got to speak to a person. I explained my situation, and the customer service agent informed me that I would have been able to access my tickets by "entering my email and clicking 'forgot my password,' where I could then make a 'guest account' to access my tickets." That doesnt sound legitimate, and if it is then it is not an untuitive process at all, and it was not explained to me in the email, nor was it an option when I tried to access my tickets. Because it was apparently my fault that I couldn't access my tickets, nor get anyone on the phone to remedy the situation before the event, the customer service agent refused to offer me a refund. When I told him that was not satisfactory to me, he put me on hold for another 45 minutes where he claimed he was talking to his supervisor. The supervisor apparently refused to offer me a refund as well. So, after $60 lost and almost 4 and a half hours waiting on the phone, I was denied a refund. 


I am baffled that stubhub treats its customers this way. I am shocked. I will never, ever get tickets from stubhub again. This has been, by far, the worst experience I have ever had as a customer of any business.