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Bought tickets to a concert that now is TBD

So I bought tickets to the BTS concert in May and now, of course, the concert is being rescheduled. Since it got was canceled for the original date every time I go to my order and try to accept the tickets it just loads and goes back to the preview ticket page (I guess that's what it's called) Is there any way to accept the tickets now or would I have to wait for a new date to come out to accept the tickets again? It is a mobile transfer and I downloaded the app to see if that would help, but the app just says that the date is TBD. I never got an email from StubHub on how to accept these since the tickets were going to be transferred the day before the actual concert. It would be my fault since I never checked up on the tickets till literally today since I just assumed I would get new tickets if the show got a new date, but now I'm starting to worry that I just let money go down the drain. Any help would be very much appreciated! (P.S. the concert date was 5/23/20)

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Re: Bought tickets to a concert that now is TBD

Hi Menta


if the BTS concert ends up being rescheduled you will be able to view and download your tickets once the new date is announced. If the concert ends up being cancelled you will receive a refund/credit voucher.  In the meantime you will have to wait for BTS, the promoters and the venues to determine the outcome. As StubHub is a third party they are not involved in the decision