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Buying Insurance for Tickets After Purchasing Them - Possible?

Hello StubHub Community!  I am new to this community and have only used StubHub a few times. I just purchased some tickets yesterday to a concert in a different city, but declined to buy insurance. But today I started worrying about the airlines that I will need to fly to that city, and what happens if the airlines cancel the flights that day. Now I am wishing I had purchased Insurance. Is there any way to purchase insurance after the ticket purchase?


Also, I was hoping to call StubHub support to get this question answered, but I could not find *any* email or phone call for any StubHub provided support.  Is this on purpose, and do they rely solely on a user community for any help?


Thanks for any/all help!

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Re: Buying Insurance for Tickets After Purchasing Them - Possible?

Hi there! Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase ticket insurance retroactively. However, if something happens and you are unable to attend your event, we can help you relist the tickets on-site, and we will waive the selling fees to ensure nothing is deducted from your payout.



We also do have a Customer Service line. If you should ever need to get in touch with us by phone, you can reach us at 866-788-2482.

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