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Buying tickets using paypal

If I purchase tickets tomorrow, Wednesday August 7, 2019 for a Jason-Aldean Concert At CMAC, using PayPal to pay for them. Does it take a couple of days for PayPal to process the payment, will I have enough time to get the tickets by Saturday the 10th. Sorry this is my diet time using Stub Hub and it makes me a bit nervous.
I have also heard that that venue has issues with WIFi so will I have trouble using Mobile tickets or can I download them to my Apple Wallet so I won’t need WIFI. Again I have always used paper tickets for this very reason.
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Re: Buying tickets using paypal

If you pay by PayPal, the payment will go thru immediately, you won't have to wait. As far as the mobile tickets are concerned, if they are mobile transfer you will be able to add them to your Apple wallet after you accept the transfer from the seller. If they are mobile screenshots of the QR codes, you will not be able to add them to your Apple wallet but will just want to save them to your phone to bring up at the entrance.