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Can I get a refund on a ticket that was double sold?

I bought 2 tickets for Eden at his LA show. When I got to the venue and they scanned the tickets, only one worked. The worker said that the other one appeared to have already have been scanned; as in another person had the same ticket. Luckily, they were nice enough to let us through anyways, but it could have ended with my boyfriend and I going home upset because only one of us would've been allowed in. They said I can likely request a refund since my ticket was double sold. Is this true and how would I do that? Through the live chat?
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Re: Can I get a refund on a ticket that was double sold?

We're so sorry to hear about this poor experience @Vtran1997. We are more than happy to create an investigation on this and issue you a full refund. I will reach out to you via private message momentarily for more information!