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Cannot Access Tickets on Ticketmaster

I ordered TOP concert tickets on 6/27 using my phone. When I signed up for StubHub, I believe I mistakenly chose to use an Apple private relay email rather than my actual one, and so the tickets were transferred for the email zj9jf87ztw... rather than my own. I corrected this in my Stubhub account information, but now whenever I try to accept my tickets, it transfers me to Ticketmaster and I get a message saying the following:


"Can't Access Order. This order can't be found using the account associated with [email]. To view this order, try signing in with a different account".


I have tried making an account with the Apple relay email as well as signing in with my own, both to no avail. I was also hoping that my order or tickets hadn't expired by now given that I bought them about 3 months ago. Huge thanks in advance if anyone has run into a similar problem or if I could get any help!


Re: Cannot Access Tickets on Ticketmaster

My advice is to call StubHub (yes, I know wait times are ridiculous) or use this contact form and ask StubHub if it can reach out to the buyer and see if the buyer will cancel the initial transfer and reissue to a non private relay email address. I don't understand why people use the Apple private emails for ticket orders as it seems to cause more problems than normal emails from my experience.