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College football tickets

I purchased tickets to a college football game as a gift for my nephew....he lives 400 miles away....the tickets won’t be available until August 28 and the game is September can I transfer the tickets to him ???? I am seeing him in 2 weeks and thought I would be able to print them out and give them to him....

Re: College football tickets

Hello @Rch923, thanks for reaching out!  When a seller lists tickets for sale on the website, we require that they add a date that they will have the tickets delivered by.  That date is displayed through the entire purchasing process so that every buyer knows when they can expect those specific tickets will be delivered.  There is always a great chance you may receive them earlier, as the seller does not get paid until you receive your tickets.  And as always, every purchase made on StubHub is covered by our FanProtect Guarantee.  If you do not receive the correct tickets by the time the seller promised, or in the rare occurrence there is an issue with the tickets at the venue, reach out to us right away!  We will do our very best to replace the order with comparable tickets, or you’re entitled to a refund.


There are a few different ways that you will be able to transfer the tickets to your nephew.  I am going to send you a private message so I can get some more information from you, and take a look at the order so I can see the best way for you to transfer them once you receive them.  


Re: College football tickets

If it is a college football ticket, it is definitely electronic, right? Since the only way to list a college football ticket is by bar code, so it should be something that they can email or text, right?