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Concerned about my concert tickets

Hello! I am a first time user of Stubhub and I recently received my tickets for the Jonas Brothers in Philly. They appear to have been purchased from the venue they are playing at, but after looking at them there seems to be something off about them. I have gotten tickets from this venue before (never on StubHub) and I am very concerned that the tickets that I have are not real/valid. Is there some way for me to find out if the tickets I have are legitimate before the concert in August? (Please help me in anyway possible, as I am very concerned about this Smiley Sad )

Re: Concerned about my concert tickets

No need to worry, we've done the checks for you already! We have reviews in place that go into ensuring transactions go smoothly and our fans are taken care of. Issues are rare to happen with the tickets you buy from us and if there were problems at all, our FanProtect Guarantee: is here to help! We'll provide replacements or issue you a full refund.


We want you at the event and will help to get you there! We love helping our fans!


Re: Concerned about my concert tickets

@LostGirl821      In addition to what @Paul   said. The wells fargo center in Philly does something really cool.


When you list tickets and they sell you have to type in the barcode.   A new barcode is generated and the old one is voided.  So yours is always the new one.


That is the only form of delivery for this venue. They work directly with Stubhub (They are partners with the 76ers)


I buy and sell all the time for this venue. It's the safest place to buy tickets.