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Concert Tickets Available The Day Afer the Concert???

I purchased tickets for TOOL in San Antonio that is on 2/2/22 a while back and the tickets were supposed to be available on 1/23/22 but I never received the transfer email. I called StubHub and they replaced my tickets with similar ones since the seller could not be contacted. After the replacement the Order Details show that the tickets will be available on 2/3/22. Before I call them again I wanted to see if anyone else has ever ran into this issue and received their tickets before the event?


Re: Concert Tickets Available The Day Afer the Concert???

Hi there! Apologies for the confusion. The 'Ready by' date is automatically generated based on when the seller reports they will have the tickets by. Occasionally, this calculation can be a bit off. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to have your tickets in time for the event!

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