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Coronavirus Refunds for Postponed Concert

I purchased tickets for a concert on April 17 that has now been postponed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The event has yet to be rescheduled. In the event that I am unable to attend the new date (my tickets are also insured by Allianz), will I be fully refunded? Due to a pandemic, we as the buyers, have no control over when they choose the new date for an event. Please DO NOT tell me that I can sell my tickets on StubHub because there is no guarantee that a person will buy them. I feel that StubHub should change its policy and do what Ticketmaster is doing and give refunds to people who are unable to attend the new scheduled date of an event that was postponed.


Re: Coronavirus Refunds for Postponed Concert

Hi there, @jaderogers3150. We are very sorry for the frustrations. If your event ends up being canceled (not postponed), we will follow our normal canceled event policy - If the primary issuer of tickets decides that the event will take place at a later date, we will follow our postponed event policy -


Allianz does not cover something like this, unfortunately, if you contact them directly, they will be better able to describe what is covered.