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Event is not canceled but stubhub deemed as cabceled

I purchased 2 tickets to the Yankees game for 04/04/21 the governor and major league baseball have agreed to have fans this year at yankee stadium, but stubhub deemed my event as canceled and sent me credit. I don't want credit. I want my tickets, the event is not canceled and will be played with fans. Does anyone know any action I can take to try and get my tickets ?

Re: Event is not canceled but stubhub deemed as cabceled

Hi Runhomety


As the game was determined to be a limited capacity game all tickets were canceled for all ticket holders.  They then held a relocation event today so season ticket holders have their seats which they are able to sell.  Many seats at the stadium will be empty for social distancing purposes you might not be able to get your seats anyway.  The same thing is being done by most MLB teams so it is not unusual.  If you still want to go to the game you can now buy on SH for the limited capacity game.

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