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Fake Tickets?

I’m trying to buy Dolly Parton - Grand Ole Opry tickets, the opry site says they are sold out. We also called the Opry and they stated they have been sold out for a while. However there are still several tickets available on StubHub. How does this work, are these fake tickets? Just making sure before I make an expensive purchase!

Re: Fake Tickets?

Hi csteph93, we are a Secondary Ticket Marketplace that does not own any of the tickets ourselves. All the tickets we own are placed on our site from individual sellers who purchased tickets from a primary. ! We have reviews in place that go into ensuring our fans will have a great time. Issues are rare to happen with the tickets you buy from us but if there were problems, our FanProtect Guarantee: is here to help! We'll look for comparable replacements, or as a last resort, issue you a full refund.