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Fake tickets?

I just purchased tickets for a Stevie Nicks concert in Nashville for October. I went into my email to “accept” the tickets and when I click on the link the page that pulls up says “forbidden” but the I would feel absolutely awful if I got scammed for $700 tickets. Please tell me there’s something I can do. I’ve tried going into the app and accepting them as well and it says the same thing.

Re: Fake tickets?

It sounds like your IP address could be blocked preventing you from accepting the tickets. Try to access the link from a different computer or cell phone on a different IP address. StubHub called me last week and had a buyer from one of my sales have the same thing happen to him. I had to cancel the transfer and send a new one and he still couldn't access the tickets. StubHub ended up having me transfer the tickets to them and they would forward the tickets to the buyer. Now that transfer worked so not 100% sure why he/you can't access the tickets but it's most definitely not a scam.

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