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Future events & potentially invalid tickets

I recently purchased tickets for the NY Mets home opener (8 Apr 2021).  If NY State's rules remain as currently stated, they will only permit 10% capacity at Citi Field.  If MLB or the Mets "invalidate" my tickets because they are not among the lucky 10%: When will I learn that the tickets are invalid?  Also, can I opt for a refund at that point because technically I purchased something that was not available; or, is the only option a Stubhub credit?  Thanks.  

Rock Star

Re: Future events & potentially invalid tickets

Hi Ragu


If the Mets allow 10% capacity they will probably cancel all season tickets and then have a special sale for season ticket holders.  If this is the case your tickets will be cancelled and because the event was to have occured in New York you would be entitled to a cash refund instead of a Stubhub credit. If this occurs you could reach out to one of moderators by DM - AllyD, Kattw, NikkiM and they can assist you.  Note it is taking Stubhub about 120 days to process refunds once the event is cancelled.