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How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

I bought tickets for the Braves and need to send one of the tickets to my friend since we'll be showing up at different times.  Is there an easy way to do this?  I can't print the tickets to just give him.

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Re: transfer a portion of mobile tickets from a single order

Hey, @sgarin


You can transfer all, some or even just a single ticket! 👍🏻 I want to provide the steps needed for anyone to transfer tickets to a friend, so here are all the details. 


For tickets delivered directly to your StubHub app (such as Mobile Instant delivery):

*Please note: Your recipient will not need to have a StubHub account registered for this process to be successful.*


1. Open the StubHub app and log in
2. Select My Tickets > Tap the order
3. Tap '...' > 'Send ticket' (1)
4. Select All / Some / or 1 of the tickets to transfer
5. Select the option to send by email or text message, and enter your recipient's information


If this option is not showing up, or will not work for your specific situation, please private message any Community Moderator the email address and zip or postal code on your account so we can assist.


Here is an example of what this process looks like (using our app on an iOS device):


example 1.png example 2.png



For FlashSeats delivery:


1. Log in to your FlashSeats account and click Tickets.
2. Find the tickets you want to transfer.
3. In the Action column, click the Transfer button. A page appears showing the details of the event.
4. Click each of the tickets you want to transfer. If you want to transfer all your tickets, click the select all link.
5. In the 'To whom do you want to transfer these tickets' section,' enter the following info for the person you want to send the tickets to:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Re-enter email
  • Message to recipient
  • Recipient's phone number
6. After you enter the details above, click the Preview Flash Transfer button. A page appears, summarizing the details of the event and who you're transferring the tickets to.
7. Click the Confirm Transfer button. A page appears telling you the tickets have been transferred.
8. You both will receive an email from, and your recipient will be provided with instructions on how to create an account or log in to their existing account.
For Mobile Transfer delivery:
Once the tickets are accepted into your Ticketmaster or team-specific account, you can transfer any number of the tickets by using the transfer option in that account.
1. You will need to log in to the Ticketmaster or your team-specific account (if unsure, locate the original email for accepting your tickets, and there should be a link at the bottom for the "Home" page of the same account)
2. Find the tickets and click 'Transfer'.
3. Enter the necessary details to send the tickets.
4. You both will receive emails from Ticketmaster/the team regarding the transfer status, along with a confirmation once the tickets are accepted by the new recipient.


For tickets delivered directly to your StubHub account (such as Instant Download (non-Mobile) or Electronic delivery):


Once the tickets are delivered to your account, you can download the PDF from our desktop site and then email or print it to give to your recipient.

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Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Simply download the StubHub app, login and tap the order under My tickets > Current orders. Then tap "See tickets" and choose which seat you want to view.


For the Angels, Braves, and Cubs - just tap the “Email” button and enter the recipient’s email address. They won’t need a StubHub account to view the ticket on their phone.


For the Yankees - take a screenshot of the ticket and email or text it to the recipient!

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Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Can I just screenshot and text or email mobile Red Sox tickets that I got for my parents?

Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Hello @Tbwai!  You are more than welcome to screenshot the tickets for the Red Sox and text or email them to your parents.  That way they can just pull them up on their phone once they arrive at Fenway, and scan them in at the gate.  Hope they have an amazing time!


Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Hi, I'm making sure I get this right as well.  I have three tickets to the Yankees game tonight that I bought and received on StubHub.  I've copied and pasted them in a text to my daughter who will be using them.  i don't need to do anything else?  Does she go straight to the gate or does she need to go to the Gate 4 (I think) window?  She won't need any other authentication? Appreciate your help.



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Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Hey @bobt! That's correct. All she will need to do is just present the tickets at any gate to the ticket scanner in order to gain entry! If you have any further questions, please feel free to private message me and I will be happy to help!

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Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

I tapped on the email tickets button and it says "you'll need to set up and email account in the Mail app".




Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Hey @jteem, thanks for reaching out! This is an error specific to your device, and you may need to set up the email account first to be able to send a message using the native email app. If you've already done so, I recommend contacting your device manufacturer for assistance.

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Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Is there a way I can transfer tickets I purchased on Stubhub so they no longer show up in my account? I sold some tickets I purchased on Stubhub and the buyer is now concerned about me still having the tickets as well. Any solution to help give them extra confidence?
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Re: How can I transfer tickets to my friend?

Hey @CoryLebo! Unfortunately, there's no way to remove the tickets from your account but as long as you don't use the tickets, the buyer will have no issues entering the event. Please let me know if you have any further questions for us!