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How do I share tickets with a friend

I have a pair of mobile NY Yankees tickets and my friend will be coming to the game late. How do I transfer one of the tickets to them? I've looked at the mehtods listed in your help center and it doesn't match what I see in the app on my phone.


Re: How do I share tickets with a friend

Great question! All you'd need to do is download the MLB Ballpark app, and create an account using your StubHub email address. Once that's created, your tickets should show up there after you've verified the email address. Once you do that, you can go to your tickets in the app and click the link on the bottom that says "Forward Tickets". You can send a link or send an email to the recipient and you're all set. They can create an account on the Ballpark app using the email address you sent the tickets to and view them in the app as well.