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I received printed PDFs via UPS

Hello! Just received my tickets for the Alabama versus Vanderbilt football game on Saturday. They are on white printed computer paper. I have never gone to an Alabama football game, away game, bowl game, etc where is was not an actual ticket. Can anyone else confirm they have used tickets like this at Vanderbilt?

Pit Crew

Re: Alabama Football

I am a Vandy season ticket holder and though we get actual paper tickets, I know when I was listing my tickets with stubhub ( I promptly removed them after they took away the SOLD tickets view), I could see several 'pdf' tickets for sale too. I imagine this is what you received. SH also gives the option when you list tickets if they are physical tickets or if they will be transferred via PDF.


You may want to contact customer service via the help option to confirm, but I imagine this is what they sent you.


Good luck!


Re: Alabama Football

How tickets are received may be different per team but receiving a printed version PDF of the ticket isn't uncommon. It's possible that the seller didn't realize they could list as a PDF or they received the tickets the same way. We'd be happy to check them for you though! Just shoot me a private message with your email & zip if you'd like us to.