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Mobile Tickets

I've used Stubhub for years now but have run into a question that I haven't been given a satisfactory answer to. I recently purchased 2 sets of tickets to ORT II. Both tickets have MOBILE TICKET as the method of delivery. After I purchased the first set, I saw that the status went from PENDING to COMPLETED but did not get any tickets. I purchased another set and I immediately received an email from Ticketmaster to accept the ticket transfer. Both were mobile tickets. Why would I get one set immediately and the other set be only set for delivery by 8/24/18? Please advise.


Re: Mobile Tickets

Hey there! Apologies for any confusion. Since we are a secondary ticket marketplace where fans buy & sell tickets to each other, some tickets may not be readily available. When a seller lists their tickets, they are able to set what we call an "In Hand Date". This date represents when the seller should have the tickets by and will have fulfilled to you shortly after. Now, a seller may set the date very close to the event to avoid any fulfillment issues. We can't guarantee they'll be fulfilled sooner than the date shown on your purchase but it is possible as the seller isn't paid until they deliver the tickets to you. 


Issues are rare but we cover you fully with our FanProtect Guarantee if these tickets never arrive. So, no need to stress as we'll look for replacements or get you a full refund if that ends up happening.