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New Refund Policy and large refunds

So when all this COVID craziness started, Stubhub notified people that they would get refunds. Then the cancellations started happening, and they changed the policy, after which they may or may not have notified people about the change.


The change was that instead of a refund, they will credit 120% of the amount as a "voucher" that expires in December 2021.


That's all well and good, but what if there is not a reschedule in that time frame? Are ticket buyers just out that money, then? We are not talking about a basketball game ticket here, but an $800 stupid Justin Bieber ticket. Is my daughter really just OUT 800 if that concert does not happen? She is just not interested in any other shows, and I just don't see her racking up $800 in tickets the next sixteen months.


Any idea how Stubhub plans to handle such situations?



Joel Niemeyer







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Re: New Refund Policy and large refunds

Hi Joel


On similar postings on this forum the moderators have indicated that if there are no events they can extend the expiration date of the voucher.  If you approach the end of 2021 and oyu still have unused credits left reach out to one fo the moderators by DM - AllyD, NikkiM, KattW or Paul - and they can assist you.  Hopefully you can find an event oyu would like to attend before then.