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No Word on Riot Fest 2021 Tickets being shipped

First time poster.


So I purchased tickets through stub hub months earlier for a significantly higher price than what they are now. Tickets are set to arrive at the end of the day tomorrow but I need to leave that day if I'm going to be able to attend the event. I've tried calling and reviewing all of my reasearch and the only info I have states that the shipping is in progress with not UPS tracking number.


I am freakin out.


I need to know that there's a backup means of authenticating I have tickets at the gate in the event that the tickets don't get here in time.


Re: No Word on Riot Fest 2021 Tickets being shipped

Same issue here. Rather than starting another post figured I’d tag on. Maybe they work posts with more activity first. UPS supposed to deliver today. No tracking number sent to me. My flight for Chicago leaves Hawaii at 8:50 tonight and no tickets. UPS already came and went. 3 hour wait for service? I didn’t have the time to wait with a job, now that I’m off work the call center is closed.