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P!nk VIP Tickets in Portland

I purchased VIP tickets for the P!nk April 8th concert.  I contacted company that puts on the VIP events and they said I didn't get the VIP Experience and to contact the seller.  Does anyone know if we can contact the sellers of the tickets for questions?  Has anyone had any issues like this?  I want the VIP Experience that I paid for and I want to know if the seller plans on sending me the info on that?


Re: P!nk VIP Tickets in Portland

Hey there!  We're unable to guarantee additional amenities with tickets unless they are specifically included on the listing.  As a buyer, you wouldn't be able to contact the seller directly nor would we be able to request those amenities if they were not included.  Due to the need to be transferred, full VIP packages generally cannot be resold on our site.  Often VIP tickets only indicate the section or area that the ticket grants access to. 


We do want to look into this to see how they were listed and what is guaranteed and will be sending you a private message shortly!