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PDF aftershock tickets

I bought 2 tickets to aftershock 2019 on Tuesday. they are pdf tickets. should I be concerned that they will not scan at the gates? The venue is also sold out. I really dont want to drive that far for nothing. and if they were already scanned how would I get replacement tickets if they are sold out?

Re: PDF aftershock tickets

99+% of people on StubHub are not in the business of selling invalid tickets. Yes, there are cases but as many transactions that StubHubs processes daily, it is very nominal. You are covered by the Fan Protect Guarantee. If the tickets happened to be invalid, call customer service and they will look to find replacements. While replacement can't always be found, if there are replacement available, StubHub will handle it. If not, the worst case, you are refunded your money. Not always what you're looking for when you want to attend an event, but at least you're covered.