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Purchased TicketFast Tickets are Obvious Fakes

I recently ordered a TicketFast ticket for a Weezer concert in Noblesville, IN on 7/8/2018. I am hesitant to even attempt to use the ticket because it is an obvious fake! The ticket lacks an order number, has been PhotoShopped to remove any personal information whatsoever, and the barcode only has 12 digits; all TicketMaster tickets, including LiveNation tickets, have 16 digits. The latter issue is the one that really bothers me.


Please advise. I REFUSE to be hanging at the gate because StubHub allowed someone to sell a ticket with incomplete and/or fake information, even if StubHub's guarantee "covers" me. If it is obvious that the tickets are fake to the person buying them, it should be obvious to StubHub.


Re: Purchased TicketFast Tickets are Obvious Fakes

That is not true that all Ticketmaster tickets have 16 digit barcodes. I know that if you buy tickets directly from a Ticketmaster account manager account tied to a venue (The Mirage in Las Vegas is one I have personally bought for), then your barcode is only 12 digits and the order number is blank on these PDFs and much of the information on the left and right gray areas of the ticket are blank unlike normal Ticketmaster tickets that have much more information in these areas. It could be very possible that this person may be a season ticket holder and either printed off their season tickets in their Ticketmaster account manager account or ordered additional tickets through their account. It is very improbable that your tickets are fakes but if you still have doubts, then send a private message to any of the mods here on the community! 


Re: Purchased TicketFast Tickets are Obvious Fakes

Assuming these were legit and the OP was flying off the handle for no reason trying to give STUBHUB a bad name?