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Rain Delay Ticket Exchange

We recently bought tickets on Stubhub for a Washington Nationals game. The gain was over 4 hours rain delayed (event though it wasn't really raining...) and the announcement was made at the ballpark that tickets purchased at could be exchanged for a future game. Our tickets had been purchased on (not by us but by the person we bought the tickets from on Stubhub). After standing in a long line we were told that a manager would have to help us exchange Stubhub tickets, then the manager talked to us and disappeared for 5 minutes, then returned to tell us we could not exchange any Stubhub tickets because since we purchased on Stubhub we were not in the Nationals :"system" and they could not do an exchange. 


We were not happy to say the least but left and accepted their "reason."


The very next day and EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE THEN...I have received an email from Nationals asking me how I liked the game, when I am going to purchase tickets again. Very curious since they said we were "not in their system." And I certainly did not give them my info. Must have come from Stubhub. 

This is a problem Stubhub can and must, for the fees they charge, FIX!

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Re: Rain Delay Ticket Exchange

@jg12 So sorry to hear of the trouble there! That is definitely not the experience we would ever want for our fans! For the game on Friday, we did have plenty of successful exchanges so it's definitely odd that you had an issue with that. I'll send you a private message now and we'll go over the details to see what happened. 


Re: Rain Delay Ticket Exchange

Same issue for me with the postponed Sept 9 National's game. I couldn't get to the make-up yesterday, so I tried to exchange at the Main Box Office this morning for a future 2018 game.. The window agent was very polite, consulted a manager, and I was told no exchange was possible because I bought the tickets on StubHub. I received emails from MLB /Nationals advising me of the postponement and subsequent re-scheduling.Both emails clearly state the exchange policy.
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Re: Rain Delay Ticket Exchange

Hi @JoeD, with the game on the 9th, it was simply rescheduled so it wouldn't have been eligible for an exchange. If you have any concerns with exchanges on MLB tickets in the future, you're definitely welcome to reach out to any one of our moderators and we'd be happy to help you resolve any issues. We do apologize for any confusion there and if you have any further questions on your order specifically, please send one of our moderators a private message.