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Refused Electronic Tickets

How often are electronic tickets invalid and refused at the box office? Planning a long expensive trip specifically for an event which would be wasted if tickets refused. Appreciate StubHub does and should guarantee and refund fake tickets but it'd not replace the major travel expense and wasted trip.

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Re: Refused Electronic Tickets

Hey @Tim2018! We've done verification checks for you already, so no worries! We have review processes in place that help ensure our fans all have a great time, including confirming that sellers and the tickets they intend to sell on our site are both legitimate. Issues are rare with the tickets you buy from us for this reason. Ultimately, our FanProtect Guarantee is here to back you up as you explained, but we do a lot to prevent that from being necessary. Please feel free to private message me or any of the Community Moderators if you have further questions or concerns, we're happy to assist. Thanks!


Re: Refused Electronic Tickets

As a seller, I would also engourage buying "Mobile transfer" tickets if they are available for this event.  When this happens, the original buyer will transfer their tickets to you from their TM account. Their barcodes and voided and new ones are issued in your name.