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Rolling Stones - Dallas

I have two tickets I bought to the May 29th event in the Cotton Bowl, but this pandemic has sent me into a financial tailspin.  My customers have been cancelling their subscriptions to my service left and right.  I've been doing what I do for 22 years now, but this may be the end of it.  What/where/how can I turn my tickets for what I paid for them?  The show is "postponed" with no rescheduled dates. 

Upper Sideline 126 Row 26 | Seat 17, 18
$281.45 including fees.  Help!  Thanks.


Re: Rolling Stones - Dallas

Hi, @Booby. We are very sorry for the frustrations! We are not able to provide compensation for an event that is scheduled to take place at a later date as we are not responsible for any venue, date, or time changes. Not all hope is lost! Once the new date has been announced you will have the opportunity to resell your tickets on our platform, if you wish! Listing is super simple & gives you the change to make your money back. If you have questions regarding the relist process, feel free to PM any of the community moderators for further assistance.