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Should I still receive tickets to a postponed event?

I purchased tickets for an event that was supposed to happen today. I understand the event is cancelled but I was promised the seller would send me the tickets no later than tomorrow. I have reached out to several chat support agents and they refuse to call the seller or give me any clarity. I am going to need to sell them when the event is rescheduled so I need the tickets sent to me. The only place the original purchase of the tickets could take place was Ticketmaster and I am aware the tickets were released to the buyers in February so my seller should have the tickets.

Community Manager

Re: Should I still receive tickets to a postponed event?

Hi, @Shans1431, sorry for the frustration with this! Since the primary often restricts access to tickets until closer to the new date for rescheduled/postponed events, we do need to extend expected delivery dates. Rest assured, per our FanProtect Guarantee, you are still 100% guaranteed to receive the tickets you ordered in time for the show.