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Backup Singer

Substitution Ticket(s) offered? But not?

So I had purchased one baseball ticket for 4/14, and decided I wanted to go to a game on 4/13 as well. The 4/14 purchase went fine, and I purchased the same seat/ticket for 4/13 - I got the confirmation for the ticket purchase, my card was charged, the ticket appeared in my app.


I checked again this afternoon after going to purchase parking for the event and after that, noticed the ticket is gone. I didn't get any notification the ticket had been cancelled/changed or I wouldn't have gone and purchased parking. If I click throught the details, I see that it says "Order changed" and that someone would contact me and it says "Substituion ticket(s) offered" but I have been offered nothing. When I called in before closing and gave them my information, they said all is normal and I should be receiving my ticket shortly. I dont' know what's going on or how to find out what ticket was offered. I've already paid for parking so having the ticket taken away after purchase is bit unfair.

Backup Singer

Re: Substitution Ticket(s) offered? But not?


After speaking with 2 separate reps, one of them finally got in contact with the seller and was able to issue the ticket. Apparently something on Stubhub's side was broken and never emailed me the order information or any ticket info as it showed the ticket having never been purchased or verified. 


In the end the 3rd rep was able to sort it out and send the correct ticket. TY!