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Ticket Cannot Be Downloaded to My Account

I purchased a ticket for the Foo Fighters show [TOMORROW], and I want to guarantee that I can get in. The link sent doesn’t allow me to transfer to my account. It’s just a link to that appears to be in someone else’s wallet.

I would like the actual ticket to ensure I won’t have any problems and can actually reliably bring it up so that the moving barcode registers. Internet isn’t always reliable at the larger venues.

Plus, if the ticket is in my account, I would have no qualms about it being sold only to me…and I would have the ability to receive updates from the venue and/or be able to sell it should I need to for some reason.

What can I do to resolve this?
Backup Singer

Re: Ticket Cannot Be Downloaded to My Account

Do you receive any help? I mean I have the same issue that you but my event is on april so i want to know is everything was ok or if you have any trouble 

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