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Ticket Purchase Advice

Please can I ask for some advice?

We live in the UK and are treating ourselves to a trip to Canada in April Smiley Happy

My son is a Toronto Raptors fanatic, so I purchased tickets yesterday (as a surprise!)

My order Event Status is showing on my account as 'active', with the date the mobile tickets will be ready. The ready date is the same date as the game.

I have not received a confirmation email. I tried to call the contact number for the UK provided on the StubHub website....the number has been disconnected. 

Can anyone advise me as to whether I should have received confirmation other than what is showing on my account and if it is usual for basketball tickets to be ready on the day of the game.  

Apologies if these are daft question.

Many thanks in advance, Jo 


Re: Ticket Purchase Advice

We can certainly do our best to help you pull that up here. One of our moderators will send you a private message and you can go over that together to see what options are available. 

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