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Ticket Purchase and lack of customer service

I bought two tickets last night for the Genesis show at TD Garden on December 16, 2021. 


The tickets were sent as screenshots and classified as mobile tickets. I received the screenshots and StubHub says to print them and present them at the venue. TD Garden does not accept printed tickets or screenshots. They have to be on my phone and preferrably in StubHub app or my apple wallet. 


Below is what is on TD Garden's website. 


"All events are mobile ticket only, your mobile ticket is your ticket!

Whether you are using the TD Garden Hub App, or Account Manager, you can follow the below instructions to view/download your tickets, resell your tickets, or transfer your tickets.

When using SafeTix, printouts and screenshots will not be accepted at entry. These tickets are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every 15 seconds so it cannot be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure. " 


The tickets should be transferred as a mobile ticket and not a screenshot. 


StubHub customer service is to post in a public forum or to call 48 hours before the show. I live 2 hours from TD Garden and am not going to drive to find out I dont have tickets to a show that I want to go to. I am not waiting 48 hours before the show to get this resolved. If you sell unusable tickets then it needs to be fixed.  If this is not resolved, I will not risk purchasing tickets from StubHub in the future. 


Re: Ticket Purchase and lack of customer service

I go to TD Garden often and to confirm your suspicion the TD Garden will not accept a screen shot so don't let Stubhub tell you that a screen shot will be accepted at that venue.


Re: Ticket Purchase and lack of customer service

Has this been resolved for you? 


I'm guessing the seller cannot transfer the tickets b/c Ticketmaster won't let them. It's happening more and more. If you don't get a refund, you're out the money and the tickets. If you do, the seller will be reported as not complying and get hit with a hefty fee. Either way, Stubhub is still making their cut, so they don't seem to be doing anything about this...

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