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Ticket Replacement

I'm trying to make some plans for a trip coming up around a show that I bought tickets for today, and am going to have to go through the replacement ticket process.  Basically, the seller listed the section the seats were in incorrectly.  I contacted CS and it looks like I'll be offered replacement tickets at some point soon.


How long does this process usually take?  For things like shows that last multiple weeks and are on multiple days, are the replacement tickets always for the exact show the original tickets were for?

Community Manager

Re: Ticket Replacement

Hello @wkwinborn! Usually, our Replacement Team is able to review the order and reach out with an offer within 72 hours of the issue being reported. This process can take a little longer, though, if your event has been rescheduled/postponed.


Also, we will only offer replacements for the same event and will always attempt to locate comparable or better tickets. If none are available, we would then cancel the order for you.