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Ticket delivery time

I bought 4 tickets for an event le 07 July, but it says that my tickets will be ready BY 07 july... does it mean that the seller have to give me the tickets before 07 july... or that i can get easily scamed... im afraid, the seller will cancel my order the day of the event, and i don't get to go. Im travelling from another city, so even if i can get my money back, it'll be a waste of ressources. Someone have some advise on what i could do? 

I thought of maybe selling the tickets and worst case scenario, if i never receive my tickets i get the money back and so the ppl that buy my ticket.... but idk... 


Re: Ticket delivery time

Hello. Often times the ticket provider ( Ticketmaster, team, artist, venue) will not make the tickets transferable until a day or two before the event. This is not always the case, they may be available earlier. If your tickets don’t show up call 866-788-2482. Stubhub fan protect should provide you with tickets comparable to or better than your purchase.
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