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Ticket refund scam

Hello all I wanted to post about a ticket scam for a stubhub refund. Here is how it works. You google stubhub it comes back with a number. 1-877-599-3122! I implore everyone to call this number. And cuss them out. They say they are stubhub and can get you your refund buy you getting them eBay per payed cards. Look they are super smooth talkers and really know how to scam. I know you might not think you could get scammed but they are so good. This isn’t a phone scam I have seen or even heard of before. I just want to word out in this time where people are really down and out on their luck. Please please please get this out. I have already called stubhub about this and they are checking into it but won’t be fast enough for the next person who gets screwed. They told me to post it here to get the word out