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Tickets cancelled - Bait & Switch?

Last month I had purchased very good seats to a show the day it was happening. A few hours before the show I still had not received them digitally so I called Stubhub. They put me on hold and said they were calling the seller.  Then they told me that the seller decided not to sell them anymore and that I would not be getting the ticket. Stubhub then offered me a much worse ticket (not even comparable) for the same price. No price break or anything, it was just the best available on their site for the amount I paid. They then told me that they would be charging the seller the price of the ticket plus the fees, but that they weren't going to discount any tickets for me.


So a couple questions.


1) It seems that Stubhub can actually make way more money by having a seller cancel an order. Their FanProtect Guarantee does nothing other than refund me. But they have actually now made way more money than they would have if the sale went through. Rather than just receiving the fees, they now have received the fees and the entire ticket price from the seller (which was not cheap). Seems like it is actiually in their interest to hope that sellers cancel sales.


2) How is this not a bait and switch? They offered me something much worse for the same exact price. Seems like since they just made an easy $200 for absolutely nothing that some of that money should go towards the price difference of getting me a ticket similar to what I had actually bought.


It just seems like a scam. I expressed these concerns to the rep and at the end of my call the rep assured me that I would be receiving either a stubhub credit or some actually money back on my card as an "apology". But after a month i never heard or received anything which just rubbed salt in the wounds. Noit to mention that i had to eat my $20 prepaid parking for a show I now didn;t even have a ticket for. Who do i contact about that credit? I no longer see and email support?


Is this normal policy for Stubhub nowadays? I've bought and sold plenty of tickets from here over the years and only ever had 1 similar issue. And back then Stubhub actually covered the cost difference to get me comparable tickets. And StubHub (or the seller) had to eat around $600 to do so. That is what I call a true Fan Protect Guarantee. When did the quality of service get so bad? And when did they decide to profit off of cancelled sales and screw the buyer instead?

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