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What happens if events are postponed or rescheduled?

We know these are frustrating experiences which is why we make sure to keep our fans informed through emails if there has been any change in the status of their event.  Once confirmed, any info we have on the rescheduled date will be included in the email.


Postponed events differ from Rescheduled events only in that they have not released the new date for the show/game.  The tickets remain valid and orders cannot be canceled in these instances. 


It's important to remember that as a marketplace, StubHub is not responsible for changes to event dates. 


Unable to attend the new date?  You can try selling your tickets to another fan on StubHub!  You can check out the quick guide from our Help Center below! 


To resell tickets using the StubHub app

1. Tap "My tickets" > Tap the order
2. Tap "..." > Sell tickets
3. Tap the seats you'd like to resell > "Done"
4. Set the price per ticket and choose your preferred payment method
4. Tap "List Tickets"


To resell tickets using a desktop

1. Click "Sell your ticket" under the order via My tickets > Orders
2. Choose which seats you'd like to resell
3. Set the price per ticket and choose your preferred payment method
4. Click "List Tickets"

New User

Re: What happens if events are postponed or rescheduled?

I have met my obligation which is to make sure my payment was received without any issues, the game I purchased tickets for has been rescheduled and now I have to become a ticket sales person rather then just refunding me my hard earned money. I tried doing the resale thing and now you’ve added an extra obstacle which is a paypal account for me to receive my money if I do get lucky enough to sell my tickets. Why do I have to pay more fees because of something out of my control? This is the Stub Hub way, charge you to buy tickets and pray your game gets rescheduled so you can pay again to become a ticket sales person. Give me my money back that is all I need.

Re: What happens if events are postponed or rescheduled?

Hey @CharlieC! Since we are a Secondary Marketplace where all tickets are being resold by separate sellers, we are unable to issue any refunds or exchanges, unfortunately. In order to refund you, we would need to recoup the payment from your seller which we can't do since the tickets they provided are still valid for the event. Since you've already made this purchase through us, we would never want to double charge you with our fees so we're happy to waive your selling fees on this listing. I will need your account information in order to set up this waiver so I will private message you right now regarding that.