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When will I receive my payment?

This is my first time selling tickets. I received an email saying my ticket sold and it wants me to transfer the ticket. When will I receive my payment? I am nervous about tranferring my ticket without any payment. 




Re: When will I receive my payment?

All of these new Taylor Swift amateur sellers.  Maybe you should have read the Stubhub seller info before diving in to list your tickets?


You are paid 5-8 business days after the event date.  Many experienced sellers set a delivery date as late as possible if they do not want to transfer the tickets so far in advance of payment time.  But it's too late for you to change the delivery date if your listing has sold.  So transfer the tickets by the date you had on the listing and then wait for your payment.  Make sure that you have confirmed the sale on your sales page or you won't get paid.  Also keep ALL of your sales and transfer emails as documentation that you completed the sale.


Re: When will I receive my payment?

Once again, please, please, please read Stubhub terms and conditions. Had you taken just 2 minutes all of this could have been avoided. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. Don’t forget the United States Internal Revenue Service.
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