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axes tickets taken away without my permission

I bought a ticket at Stubhub and they said your ticket is sent from AXES, but before I can see it, I got a notice:

"NOTIFICATION-Tim Leisman Tickets Sent to You Recalled"

and whence I got to AXES ticket is no longer there and Stubhub took my payment in full.


AXES says a person is allowed to recall the ticket even though the STUBHUB order was paid by me?  I've on the internet trying to find support, but it is very difficult to get anything going.


it cost me $925 and someone else has the ticket, any help would be great.  I use Stubhub before but never had AXES tickets that someone can simply send tickets and recall quickly and get the tickets free and paid for by me who suppose to be the owner of the ticket according to Stubhub.


Please help, even is tomorrow


Re: axes tickets taken away without my permission

The seller is obligated to send you the tickets.  You will have to call Stubhub 866-788-2482 or send a message to @TeamStubHub to get help.


Re: axes tickets taken away without my permission

My advice is file a dispute with your credit card, they have the power to deal with this.  Considering you can't get help from stubhub right now..

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