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I bought tickets to eric clapton in denver for the 9/16/23 show. 3 hours before the doors open, i'm told that my tickets are frauds, i cannot be furnished with replacement tickets, and i'd be getting a refund in 10 days. Oh yeah, they gave me a $78 voucher! I forgot to mention that i'm a disabled veteran and had flown in to denver with two friends solely for this concert. I'm disgusted with the way they handled this transaction, it ruined the weekend, ruined the last opportunity that i'll have to see eric clapton, ruined my disposition, and cost me an additional $550 dollars to remedy, on my own. The only decent part of the story is the fella who works for stub hub and tried to help me over the phone. But even he was handcuffed to a ridiculous system that is lorded over by an 'algorithm' which apparently makes all decisions these days, as people with empathy and judgement have become obsolete. The problem is that even though i'm taking the time to write this, nothing will be done to satisfy the damage they did. I know it's just a concert, but it's the last concert of an 80 year old man i deeply admire, two friends who've moved away and the simple fate that allowed us all to fly to denver to see this show together. And they took all of that away from me/us. Hope you all enjoy your profits. I'll look for that refund in a month or so.
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