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BTS Atlanta

This event has been TBA for over a year. They have new album and new members. I want and need my refund. 100% refund.

Re: BTS Atlanta

Thank you so much for reaching out on this. We're happy to provide some details here. Because we don't have control over the lineup and band on any given event, we can't offer compensation based on those things. If the event is still showing as postponed, the tickets are valid and we wouldn't be able to refund the purchase. If you're not wanting to attend the event you're certainly welcome to sell the tickets to recoup some of that cost. We'd be happy to waive the selling fee to ensure that you get as much back as possible, but keep in mind that we can't send payouts until after the event has taken place. If you have any order specific questions, please feel free to send a private message to me or any of the other moderators here on the community. We're always happy to help.