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Backstreet Boys - BB&T Ft. Lauderdale August 23

I've been looking for tickets to Backstreet Boys on August 23 in Ft. Lauderdale and the seating chart has me confused. There is a listing for section 101 row 3 but the portion of the map that lights up is no where near row three. According to ticketmasters map the area lit up starts at row 24. So am I buying row 3 from the bottom or row 26 from the second half of section 101. 


Please let me know so that I can finalize my purchase. Thank you.


Re: Backstreet Boys - BB&T Ft. Lauderdale August 23

Hey, @elerod26


If you're referring to the view of the section that appears on the listing, that is a generic view of the entire section and not from the row/seats the seller has listed. However, does looks like our map may not be correct as Ticketmaster does look a lot different for sections in that area of the venue. We'll send this along to our team that handles our maps to review and make any necessary changes.


However, I wasn't able to find any 101 Row 3 tickets on our site but there are 102 Row 3's listed. Those would be closest to the floor if that is what you're looking for. Smiley Happy