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Club Seats

The main reason I use stubhub to purchase my tickets is because I like to find club seats with special access. For example I really wanted to go into the royal rooters club at Fenway Park. I was able to find seats that had access to this club. When I go See Yankees versus Dodgers I am hoping to get Executive club seats with Stadium Club access. These club sections usually have team memrobila and display a lot of great artifacts. For example the Alaskan airline club level at the San Fransico Giants Oracle Park has some amazing displays throughout the entire concourse. Original contracts, awards pins from World Series they have participated in. The club level at the white Sox has great pictures of the teams uniform history. The Cincinnati Reds have a club seating section called Scouts alley and in that club they show you what scouts look for and they have display of all the tools scouts look for. The Stella Artois side club at Oracle Arena the Home of Golden State warriors has a dedicated section to local craft beer. Stub hub is great in being able to attain these seats. Your gonna Pat more but it’s well worth it.