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Danforth Music Hall- Toronto, Ontario



I frequently resell for a particular venue- The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto.


On several occasions, StubHub has listed shows for this venue as general admission only. While, this venue does have a general admssion floor, it also has a mezzanine and balcony with reserved seating. Here are two current examples of the venue layout and StubHubs incorrect listing as the Danforth Music Hall being a GA Only venue:


The Front Bottoms Show on June 8


The Link To Buy Tickets On StubHub Listing The Show As GA Only





Brian Jonestown Massacre on May 9th


The Link To Buy Tickets On StubHub Listing The Show As A GA Only


Sometimes the shows are listed correctly on StubHub. However, when they're not, I often have to call several times and wait many weeks for the issue to be resolved. Furthermore, if I do list my tickets anyway and they're seats, we both run the risk of having a customer purhcase tickets, thinking they're getting GA only to find out they've got seats in the back of the venue.


I hope this issue can be resolved and the errant information located that's causing the mapping department to list this venue as a general admission only venue.  It has become a bit frustrating to make numerous phone calls and submit requests to have the information corrected each time it happens.


Kind Regards,






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Re: Danforth Music Hall- Toronto, Ontario

Thank you so much for reaching out and for the detailed information. This is definitely something we'd love to have our mapping team take a look at. We'll send the details over immediately and have them notate events there for the future. 


Re: Danforth Music Hall- Toronto, Ontario

Thank you!